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Welcome to LAgreen


Image by Vince Fleming

LaGreen is a full service Green Architectural-Construction Consulting firm specializing in sustainable turnkey construction of building and improving residential and commercial structures according to client needs and desires.

For those who delight in nature's health and beauty, our services includes green construction, solar farms, green rooftops, living wall, and vertical farming oasis and green systems utilized globally.

Our team of architects, engineers and contractors oversee everything from conception and design to installation & maintenance. 

Based in Houston, our team is ready to give your space tailored, personalized greenscape rejuvenation.


Call us to schedule your free consultation!

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Contact Us

2801 Waterwall Dr. Houston, TX 77056


  • We provide customized services, and recommend professional advise.

  • Review project criteria such as timeline, size,

    budget, design goals.


  • Select a living wall that fits both your budget and design goals. 

  • Determine plant pattern, irrigation method, and supplemental lighting needs.

  • Shop drawing(s), field measurements, MEP documents, etc.


  • Hardware installed on site.

  • Coordinate with MEP trades for irrigation and lighting 

  • After irrigation and lighting are tested successfully, plants arrive on site to be installed


  • Every green space requires ongoing plant maintenance 

  • Network of experienced plant maintenance providers

  • Hardware and plant warranty

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