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  • Aubin Ntela

Best Christmas Gift Idea

Looking for a unique and sustainable Christmas gift for colleagues, employees or business relations? LivePicture GO is a unique Christmas gift that adds greenery to any work- and living environment.

LivePicture GO

LivePicture GO is a unique and innovative green system for real plants for any wall. You do not need to have green fingers to take care of the plants, the water detector indicates when the reservoir needs to be refilled. The water supply within the tank is sufficient to provide the plants with water for ± 4 weeks. The capillary action within the plant cassette provides the plants with the right amount of water it needs.

A green working environment

A workplace with greenery is not only important at the office, it is also important to have a workplace with greenery at home. Greenery contributes to less stress, a better mood and a better concentration. Read more about the benefits of plants.

Ready for delivery

The LivePicture GO is in stock and ready for delivery. The LivePicture will be delivered with sustainable packaging and can be delivered one a piece or per pallet. Contact us through the project advice page to find out more information about the prices.


The LaGreen Team.

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