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  • Aubin Ntela

Welcome to LaGreen! Reimagine Green.

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

As diverse and massive Houston is it never had a clear comprehensive urban plan for development, this gave birth to grey monsters… but we can change things, make Houston more green, idyllic, quiet and yet lively. COVID-19 certainly has given us the overwhelming urge to be outdoors. Problem is in Houston, my beloved city, there are far and few spaces where you can enjoy being out outdoors...

Campaign for Green.

LaGreen is a response to the over paving of our city, there is so much cement pour everywhere and it is tremendously contributing to the raising of temperature in metro areas. Not to mention the air quality. LaGreen provides state of the art, innovative, creative, engaging and fun ways to not just be around plants, trees and nature but also destress and reconnect to nature.

Houston must focus on greening up.

Mayor Turner has started an incredible initiative have Houston reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Projects such as the Memorial park project has started to pay benefits to the city with additional walking places. Our goal at LaGreen is to find creative ways to marry people and nature again in a mutually beneficial way. Through Proposed projects such as GreenWall facades, interior green ways inside lobbies, new urban farming techniques bringing fresher produce grown locally within the city, and SkyParks all over monumental rooftops. Birthed from passion we can show Houston's true Resilience and be an example for how to be leaders in business & environmentally responsible. After-all, This Is Houston...


The LaGreen Team.

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